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  1. RA law “On Payment and Settlement Systems and Payment and Settlement Organizations”

  2. RA law “On Funds Transfer by Payment Order”

  3. RA law “On the Central bank of the Republic of Armenia”

  4. RA law “On Bank Secrecy”

  5. RA law “On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing”

  6. RA law “On Accounting”

  7. RA law “On Cash Collection”

  8. RA law “On Financial System Mediator”

Secondary Legislation Regulations

  1. Regulation “On Minimum Requirements to Reporting Entities in the Field of Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing​​​”

  2. Rules “For Registration of Reporting Entities under the Republic of Armenia Law on Combatting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing”

  3. Guidance​ “On criteria of high risk and indicators of suspicious activity in realtion to money laundering and terrorism financing”

  4. List “Of Off-Shore Territories”


  1. Regulation 8/03 “On Information Publication by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depository and Payment and Settlement Organizations Implementing Money Remittances”  

  2. Regulation 8/04 “On Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers” 

  3. Regulation 8/05 “Rules of Business Conduct of Financial Institutions”

  4. Regulation 8/07 "Minimum Requirements and Principles for the Internal Process of Registration, Storage and Registration of Complaints to Financial System Participants"

  5. Regulation 9 “On Operations with Cash in Banks Functioning on the Territory of the Republic of Armenia”

  6. Regulation 17/01 “Licensing of Payment and Settlement Organizations, Registration of Branch Offices; Qualification of Managers of Payment and Settlement Organizations, Requirements to Payment and Settlement Organizations for Technical, Software and Safety Adequacy at their Premises; Register of Activity License to Payment and Settlement Organizations; Information Contained in the Register”

  7. Regulation 17/02 “Regulation of Activities of Payment and Settlement organizations, Prudential Standards of Payment and Settlement Organizations, Procedure of their Calculation”

  8. Regulation 17/03 “Statements of Payment and Settlement Organizations: Submission and Publication”

  9. Regulation 17/09 "Cash Operations in Payment and Settlement Organizations operating in the Territory of the Republic of Armenia"

  10. Regulation 18 “On Granting Permits for Creating and Operating Armenian Payment and Settlement Systems

  11. Regulation 19 “Granting Permission to Participate in Foreign  Payment and Settlement Systems; the List of Changes to Foreign  PSS Operational Rules and Documents reportable to the Central Bank of Armenia; Foreign  PSS Criteria; and Running of Registry”

  12. The Resolution No 39-N of the Board of the Central Bank of RA dated 31.01. 2006  “On Approving the Procedure of  Issuance, Servicing and Distribution of Payment Cards,  Operations Implemented through Payment cards”

  13. The Resolution No 238-N of the Board of the Central Bank of RA dated 24.05. 2005  “On Approving the Procedure of Issuance, Honoring, and Circulation of Checks within the territory of the Republic of Armenia”

  14. The Resolution No 96 of the Board of the Central Bank of RA dated 25.04. 2000  “On Approving the Maximum Time Periods for Implementation of Transfers of Funds by Payment Orders”

  15. The order of transfer of funds in the Republic of Armenia by direct debiting

  16. Guidance on "Money transfers through payment order"

  17. The order of “Making transfers using regular payment orders in the Republic of Armenia

The aforementioned laws and regulations can be found on www.arlis.am and www. cba.am

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